Looking Underneath the Sony PlayStation 5


Written By dareshift10

June 30, 2022

Video game systems were a popular item during the COVID-19 pandemic as restricted travel and health concerns forced more families to entertain themselves at home. Sony’s PlayStation 5, the most recent video game system available from the Japanese electronics giant, was officially introduced in November 2020, but getting one has not been easy.

It is not unusual for a popular home entertainment item to be in short supply when it comes out. But ongoing supply-chain issues, along with the product’s popularity, have kept the Sony PlayStation 5 in short supply.  

For those waiting for the next Sony PlayStation, 6, don’t hold your breath. Rumors say PlayStation 6 won’t be available until 2026 at the earliest, so customers will have to make do with PlayStation 5 until then.

For those who lucky enough to get hold of PlayStation 5, it might be worth viewing this teardown video to understand the inner workings of the system better, in case you run into issues. Video game systems can easily become subject to heavy use and wear, and given ongoing supply-chain issues, obtaining replacement parts or getting the system repaired in a timely manner may be challenging.

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