Q&A – What is Search Engine Optimization

Written by dareshift10

May 31, 2021

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is basically a way to make your listing of your website in Google as high as possible using certain tips, strategies, and tactics.

This is a very crucial part of driving traffic to your website. My one suggestion is to write a nice, long and well-written article. Make sure you also use the keywords your article is targeting like if your writing an article about dog food,

then you may want to include keywords such as dog food, food, dog, organic dog food, healthy dog food, high protein dog food, etc. This is one of the many other important factors to make sure search engines rank you higher in their results.

You can also start off with an easier and more basic search engine such as Dsearch. The important thing about this search engine is that you get enough clicks to your website using many different tactics and the tactic I explained above.

Just remember one thing, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!

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