We Produce Amazing & Entertainment Apps & Games For Teens

We create so many cool and fun apps and games for teenagers. Each and every one of our apps and games are made and focused on trends and functionality teenagers love.

What We Do

At our company, we specialize in crafting engaging and entertaining apps and games tailored specifically for teenagers. We’re passionate about creating experiences that captivate and inspire young minds, offering a diverse range of content that reflects their interests, hobbies, and sense of fun. From addictive mobile games to interactive social apps, we combine creativity, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to deliver products that resonate with today’s youth culture. Whether it’s challenging puzzles, immersive storytelling, or social networking with a twist, our goal is to provide teenagers with a platform where they can unleash their creativity, connect with friends, and embark on exciting digital adventures. Join us as we redefine entertainment for the next generation.

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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Dareshift strives to provide apps and online games in different varieties to teenagers all over the world.


We implement into our apps and games different, unique features and mechanics that can enhance the user experience.

Appeal to the Eye

No matter the app or game, we ensure that all graphics are appealing to the eye and make your experience more enjoyable.

Unlock A Community

For our games and apps, we have a whole community to make your virtual experiences more fun and social. This includes the community on Itch.io.

Better Your Life

Our apps and games are created to make your life more fun and enjoyable that includes at work, school, home or anywhere!

What We Offer

We offer a variety of games on different platforms that teens will love! Below are a few features and mechanics we love to include in the many apps and games we create and sell.

AI in Games

We use AI in our games to make different characters and NPCs in our game come to life and be interactive to improve your gaming experience.

AI in apps

AI in our applications are mainly used to add and open up more and different features whether it be image generation or creating more functionality for the user.

Low prices

Teenagers don’t make as much money even with a job. Because of this, we liek to meet our target market’s needs for low prices as our products are no more than $10.

Frequent updates

As our products gain a larger user base and get more downloads, we start updating our apps at least monthly so our users have something new to look forward to.


We post so much interesting and helpful information on our Instagram and so much more on our blog posts. We provide information about software and on our apps.


You can easily make progress and our different apps and games as you are able to save your settings or progress that you can load back later.

Our Team


Evan Khanna


We Create DIfferent Types Of Applications And Games That Teenagers Can Enjoy. We Strive To Keep Each And Every Game We Make Fun, Interactive, And Indulging. We Are Dareshift And We Dare to Shift To The Future.

Have An App or Game Idea?

If you have an app or game you would like me to create and publish, please contact me by clicking the button below to go to the different methods of contact and contact form. Your ideas will always be considered!

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