DChat has been a renewed app and is finally relaunched! It is a chatbot app were you can talk to a bot just for fun or for small talk. More bots will be added soon.



In a nutshell, DChat is a web application that can be used on desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It features a chatbot (so far only one, more will be added soon) that you can simply have small talk with, ask questions, or talk to it just for fun. It is a great way to get quick opinions or just to get in some small talk to pass the time if you have no one else to talk to but you feel like socializing a little bit.

App Details

App name


Project duration



DChat has randomized answers when it does not know what to says. These answers cna range from gifs to text answers.

The Bots

The Bot(s) on DChat are friendly in terms of there default answers and random answers. I may be adding more fun and interesting bots later on with specific personalities. But for now, you can talk to this bot about pretty much anything!


The Bot’s Personality

I programmed this chatbot to have a fun and friendly personality. For example, the bot is frienldy by using nice and respectful greetings when you greet it. It is also fun because I have programmed fun rickrolls, gifts, and funny memes that you can get a good laugh out of. So please enjoy your experience with the DChat chatbot! But, if their are any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me.


More Bots?!

Correct you are! I have more plans to add even more chatbots to the DChat web application with a mix of personalities and/or purposes.



DChat is a super cool chatbot that you can talk to about anything and you will recieve a range of fun and interesting answers that can be a gif, a meme, or just a normal answer. Please enjoy!

Thanks for Reading!

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