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There are many different ways to take advantage of search engines and especially to use them to get traffic to your website and to get you on the front page. You will learn just that in this article.

Dsearch Summary

Dsearch this app lets you search to the best of your ability and the website choices we crawl are safe and good quality websites with beautiful UI and for a good purpose. You are able to creeate FREE ads to help you get out their. It is the same as registering your site except you automatically will end up at or near the top of the page plus 100 clicks. You may also register a website here for free. 

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Take Advantage of Ads

Here are some steps to get as much as you can out of Dsearch ads:

1. Rather than hosting your website, you can use use search ads to get a jump start in the rankings. This will happen right away as it will put you higher up in the rankings.

2. Take advantage of free ads as they will soon be payed ads




Dsearch uses a simple algorithm that simply ranks mainly by clicks. The more clicks a website has, the better the ranking will be for that website. I keep a database of every website and its clicks which Dsearch will look at and scan every time a search is made. But if a certain amount of websites have the same amount of clicks, the order will be organized based on when the website was indexed or added to Dsearch weather its an ad or an organic slot.


Ways to Index on Dsearch

There are many ways to index your website on Dsearch. First and for most, you can create an organic listing. Organic listings are completely free and start you off with 0 clicks. Organic searches are better for people who are willing to put in more work to gain clicks to climb the rankings. The ad listings are free for now but will be start being paid very soon. Ad listings start you off with 100 clicks which will give you a jumpstart in climbing up the rankings. The ads are better for people who don’t want to put in as much work and prefer to spend some money to get more clicks instead.

Organic listings
affiliate banner ads


Overall Dsearch is easier and sless of a hasole to rank for compared to other search engines like Google. Ads are a lot less cheaper than normal ads for other search engines. Soon enough, it will be just a one-time payment for ads.

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